To serve you better, we've assembled a list of our residents' most frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer here, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

City Hall

What are the government office hours?

Clerks hours are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9:00am - 4:00pm

Election FAQs & Campaign Finance Reports

How do I register to vote?

Voter registration can be done the day of the election here at city hall.  

How do I vote absentee?

You must call the Redwood County Auditors Office at  507-637-4013 to obtain an absentee ballot. 

Where do I vote?

Elections are held at City Hall located at 171 N Main Street.

Who should I contact with further questions?

City Clerk at 507-648-3510 on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Parks & Recreation

Who do I contact to rent a park shelter or reserve a camping site?

Contact Darrell at 507-430-6515

Sanitation & Recycling

What is the recycling pick up schedule?

Every other Monday -  Dates are listed on the Community Calendar

Please call 1-800-246-7630 with Recycling Complaints